Are Oxalates Bad For Kidney Disease - An Interview With Sally Norton.

Are Oxalates Bad For Kidney Disease - An Interview With Sally Norton

In this interview Sally Norton, Health Coach and expert in kidney Health discusses the impact of oxalates on the body and how to maintain a healthy diet


Is Oxalate bad for Kidney Disease?

Norton starts by introducing herself and discussing her background in Nutrition and Health Coaching. She then delves into the topic of Oxalates and how they can have negative effects on the body.

Norton discusses research by Dr. Jacob on Oxalates, as well as the role of the Kidneys in protecting the body from Oxalate buildup. She explains what Crystals are and why Kidney Stones are harmful. Norton then explains what Oxalates are, how they are metabolized by the body, and how they can contribute to Gut Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Hyperoxaluria.

Throughout the video, Norton emphasizes the importance of maintaining an Ionic balance in the body and avoiding high-oxalate foods. She provides tips for eating a low-oxalate diet and emphasizes the importance of eating seasonally and avoiding processed foods.

Norton also discusses the impact of Polyphenols on the body and how they can affect the Microbiome. In addition, Norton addresses common questions about Oxalates, such as why we don't feel different after eating high-oxalate foods and whether going Gluten-Free can help reduce Oxalate levels. She also discusses the results of studies on high-oxalate foods, including the effects of Spinach on rats and the impact of eating Strawberries.

Overall, Norton's video provides a comprehensive overview of the dangers of consuming too many Oxalates and offers practical tips for maintaining a healthy diet that supports Kidney Health. By understanding the role of Oxalates in the body and making conscious choices about what we eat, we can help protect our Kidneys and maintain optimal health. ‌

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