KetoCitra® Testimonials.

See how KetoCitra® has been working for others with kidney disease. Here is a selection of our many reviews and testimonials. More are added as we receive them, so stop back again.

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Tera, KetoCitra® user, January 2024 

"I was part of Ren.Nu last spring and have had great success. In 6 months my GFR went from 32 to 45, and my Creatinine went from 1.95 to 1.45. In addition to that I feel great! I do intermittent fasting 16/8 most days, take KetoCitra daily and am very pleased with the results so far.”~ Tera, KetoCitra® user, January 2024

Carol, KetoCitra® user, December 2023  

"I went through Ren.Nu last spring-Summer, and by August, my eGfr had improved from 31 to 43. I’ve continued, although a little more casually, and my November labs showed a stability and maybe even a little more improvement. In addition, my bp improved, allowing me to drop one med and cut the other in half.”

Abraham, KetoCitra user Dec, 2023

“Today I spoke to the Dr. in charge of performing the MRI for my TKV and he told me that he was absolutely shocked by the results because he had never seen anything like it. He pointed out to me that between my first and last test (August 2021-December 2023), that is 28 months, the difference in total volume was only 1% (1464 cc-1481 cc).

Even considering that there is a margin of error due to manual measurement, he took it as a complete stagnation in the progression of the disease. "You're on the right path, keep going", he said.” ~ Abraham, KetoCitra user Dec,2023

Christian, KetoCitra® user, September 2023

"My nephrologist was cautious at first, but I told her I'm going to take KetoCitra. My last visit she was amazed by the numbers. She's going to start talking to her patients about it. She's Excited."Christian, KetoCitra® user, September 2023

Christine, KetoCitra® user, August 2023

“I am so grateful for all the research, education and support from Santa Barbara Nutrients and Ren-Nu. You all make it so worthwhile. My life has really changed. I knew months ago, I knew that it was working as I could feel the difference when I felt the cysts going down on my right kidney."Christine, KetoCitra® user, August 2023

Damon, KetoCitra® user, July 2023

“With a ketogenic diet and KetoCitra, I took my GFR from 59 to 83.”

Jason, KetoCitra® user,  July 2023

“I’ve been on the Ren-nu diet plus KetoCitra for 15 months and my eGFR has improved. I’m grateful for the amazing work that you are doing for the PKD community”

Bill Brazell, KetoCitra® user,  May 2023

“I do both KetoCitra and Tolvaptan, and fast intermittently (16:8), because I want to do all I can to slow the decline of my renal function. I’ve been on Tolvaptan for 17+ years and KetoCitra since it became available. Haven’t noticed a change in thirst levels. But my creatinine has remained remarkably stable. (1.2; I’m 55 years old)”

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Sue, KetoCitra® user, May 2023

“My egfr went from 27 to 44 in only a couple of months of eating clean keto, intermittent fasting (17:7), and KetoCitra twice a day. My kidneys are large and full of cysts. I’m working on getting it higher. It does work.”

Shania,  May 2023

“I take this product and I feel so much better. Thank you so much for your amazing product! ❤️❤️ I’m so grateful.“

Rob, KetoCitra® user, May 2023

“In 2 yrs I went from a gfr of 54 to now a 67. I do intermittent fasting and ketoCitra.”

Melanie, KetoCitra® user, May 2023

“Along with an improved diet and KetoCitra I’ve been able to get my urine alkaline and ditch the sodium bicarbonate. I’ve improved my GFR 10% in 3 months, lost 20 lbs and reduced my blood pressure meds by half.”

Julie, KetoCitra® user, January, 2023

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Janet, (about her husband, a KetoCitra® user),  April 2023

“My husband has this scenario: 18 months of keto + ketocitra®

= stable GFR at 19. He was told by his neph that he would decline rapidly, but it is stable.

Hanging on!!

Thank you for your research in non-pharm approaches to combat PKD.  It is a blessing to this community.”

J., KetoCitra® user, April 2023

“Hello Dr Weimbs. I have PKD (was stage 3a last year) and I’m currently on a Keto diet (5-mos) and have been using KetoCitra for a while now. After 6 years of steady decline in function (80 to 54) I’m happy to say that my recent lab work as of 4/20 showed a significant improvement in eGFR/Creatinine/BUN. After watching my older brother and father suffer through this terrible disease, my family and I, including 2 young children, have a new hope I never thought was possible. I want to sincerely thank you and your colleagues for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in to your research. I hope that you and your team truly understand the major impact you have and WILL have to those of us with this disease.
Sincerely, J.”

Christy, KetoCitra® user, April 2023

“My pain got much better with ketocitra”

Kati, KetoCitra® user, April 2023

“Since last summer I’ve been on Ketocitra, love it, I am much more mindful with my liquid intake with it and haven’t had any pain since.”

Auf Deutsch – in German (Blog Post), January 2023

Zystennieren und 3 Jahre Ketogene Ernährung. Learnings und Failures.

Zystennieren und ketogen leben. Drei Jahre ernähre ich mich nun ketogen. Fühle mich besser als je zuvor. Was müssen Zystennieren Betroffene beachten, wenn sie sich ketogen ernähren? Meine Learnings und Failures.

Read more / Lese mehr:

Zheni, KetoCitra® user, May 2023

“The pain is much better. Thanks for the great research you are doing.”

Jennifer, Ren-Nu participant and KetoCitra® user, January 2023

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Dwight, KetoCitra® user, January, 2023

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Susan, KetoCitra® user, December, 2022

“I’ve been using KetoCitra® for 3 months now and love it. I look forward to my “special drink” twice a day! Combined with a keto diet and IF, I feel great. I’m so appreciative of you and your team and the remarkable insights you’re adding to the world’s understanding of this horrible disease. Thank you, and best of luck with the research.”

Nercy, Registered Dietitian and KetoCitra® user, November 2022

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Delman, KetoCitra® user, October 2023

“I just wanted to report the results of my most recent labs after taking Ketocitra for 3 months now. When I started back in June, my GFR was 50 and my creatinine was 1.68. As of two weeks ago, my GFR is 66 and my creatinine is 1.32. I am so pleased with my results. I have also been maintaining a regimented diet; doing intermittent fasting as much as I can, eliminating meat from my diet (I do still eat fish), and some other dietary adjustments. I have lost about 17 pounds and my blood pressure is great. I had been in the Bardoxolone clinical trial for the last 2 and a half years and so when that got canceled back in April, I was quite disappointed about what to do next. I was thrilled to learn about Ketocitra from just searching online. Along with the lifestyle changes, I think Ketocitra has been a key factor contributing to my positive results. I start seeing a new nephrologist (Dr. Sharon Iris Turban of Johns Hopkins) on Friday, and I can't wait to share my results.” Delman, KetoCitra® user, October 2023

Michelle, KetoCitra® user, January 2024 

"I went through the 23 Ren.Nu Summer program. In early Aug my GFR was 39, Sept 29 I was registering 1.5 ketones and my GFR was 54.

I have a cheat day once a week now that I'm fat adaptive, but don't go overboard on carbs. I have been taking Ketocitra since June 23, every day twice a day.”~ Michelle, KetoCitra user, January 2024

James (KetoCitra® user), November 2022

“About three years ago, I found out to my surprise that my kidney function was down to 40% and the nephrologist began talking to me about taking Tolvaptan and possibly getting mentally ready for dialysis. I was on a pretty healthy diet, but I knew that wasn’t helping as much as I was hoping. A friend who also has PKD sent me an article about Dr. Weimbs research using the keto diet. I found as much information as I could on my own and started doing keto on my own. I ended up finding a contact email for Dr. Weimbs and he told me that they were about to start a beta study, and that I might be able to get into it. At first, it was full, but then I was allowed to start with the first group and had Diana Bruen-Cruz as our nutritionist. During the study, my kidney function went to 47%. I was faithfully doing keto and faithfully taking KetoCitra®. For a short time, they didn’t have enough supply, so for about 2-3 months I tried a different product. During that time, my kidney function went to 48%. I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t been better. I then got back on KetoCitra® and after 6 more months, my kidney function shot up to 60%. My nephrologist, who is very skeptical about what I am doing with the keto diet and KetoCitra®, told me “whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

Ed, 2023 KetoCitra® user, September 2023

"Two years ago, my ultrasound showed my kidneys as being about 80% oversized, but my creatinine readings were still fine. I heard about keto and KetoCitra 15 months ago, and decided to do an experiment with both for a year before my next ultrasound. I wasn't pure keto, but close enough. I just saw my nephrologist today, and though he had initially been skeptical, he said to remain on keto and KetoCitra because my kidney sizes have decreased by about 30% in the last year, and even if they only stabilize here, that I now will likely never need dialysis. HUGE THANKS to Dr Weimbs for this research and product!!It certainly has worked wonders for me thus far."Ed, 2023 KetoCitra® user, September 2023

Michelle (KetoCitra® user), October 2022

“So appreciate that there is something, finally!, that we can do to hopefully slow down the progression of PKD! KetoCitra tastes great and easily fits into my life! Thank you Santa Barbara Nutrients for giving us hope!”

Scott (KetoCitra® user), October 2022

“I love the fact that it IS NOT Sweet! I love the flavor! Sign me up for subscription.”

Sharon, (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“I’ll get an extra 2L of water a day with KetoCitra® and it’s so easy to drink, I love it!!!!

(KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“My eGFR has risen (had been running around 80 but after a few weeks on KetoCitra® and the Ren.Nu Program, I’ve been testing around 100). Also, I’ve been on Tolvaptan for 1.5 years and was struggling with osmolality getting a bit too low…sometimes it was around 50-60, and I was having some associated symptoms. On KetoCitra® it’s been running at 100 daily.”

Natasha, KetoCitra® user, September 2022

“I have been taking KetoCitra®for 6 months now and I also follow a low-carb, mostly plant-based Keto diet, although I am not overly strict about it. I am 46 and I have never felt better in my life.
I exercise daily, but have found my strength and endurance has sky rocketed without extra effort. My physical appearance has changed and l am lean and strong, to the degree that people are constantly commenting and complimenting the obvious change.
I wake up at 5:30am now and I was never a morning person. I can ski or mountain bike all day and still have energy left over and I don’t get sore muscles. I sleep better and just feel younger!
I could not be happier with the results I am seeing and feeling! I am at the early stages of PKD, but have actually seen a steady improvement in Kidney function and overall health in the past 10 years.”

Meryl (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“Dr. Weimbs helped develop a 3 month program called Ren-Nu that goes through all the facets of this plant focused, moderate protein, high fat keto diet for PKD. The online program is taught by experienced Renal RDs and there are weekly live sessions for questions and info exchange. I completed it in August. My kidney function has improved with each blood test. A number of other benefits experienced by myself and others in my group; lower blood pressure, better sleep, etc. We also used KetoCitra® daily. The program offers lots of recipes helping you to find what you like and lots of other support. Really allows you to jump in and go. I have continued with the plan totally.”

Christine (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“I want to thank Dr. Weimbs and his team for their commitment to improving the health and lives of PKD patients. I have PKD and PLD since I was 30. I am now 63. My kidney size increased significantly over the last year so my nephrologist recommended I take Tolvaptan. I was not keen to start this medication so I was very excited when the PKD Foundation of Canada hosted a webinar about Dr. Weimb’s research and the development of KetoCitra®. I began taking KetoCitra® in May of 2022.

It is now September, and I have just enrolled in the Ren.Nu Program where I will continue to take KetoCitra® while eating a plant-based diet and learning about intermittent fasting. I have found it very easy to incorporate KetoCitra® into my daily routines, and I love the taste. It is especially refreshing in the summer when on ice. I am looking forward to positive changes so I can progress with the program and continue to take KetoCitra®.”

Abraham (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“It’s been a year since I started keto diet + KetoCitra®. What a ride! From the almost impossible first days/weeks to the simple normality of today. I’m strongest and fittest now than before this life-changing decision, at the peak of my CrossFit group, and my mind is really fast, active and creative. I’m paying an incredible level of attention to detail…I’m really impressed. I feel GREAT!”

Emily (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“I am so grateful for Santa Barbara Nutrients for creating a medical food based on research specifically for PKD. I have been following them and waiting for KetoCitra® to be released since they first announced it and am so excited it’s here! I have been taking it for 3 months and I love it. It tastes amazing, it dissolves easily in water. I feel great on it, it has helped with my restless legs and muscle aches. Check out Dr. Weimbs research on all of the benefits of KetoCitra®!”

Therese (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“…One of the benefits I am reaping is reduced blood pressure. I have been able to reduce my dose and still have a lower blood pressure than before. Now at 120/80 and struggled to keep it below 140/85 prior to KetoCitra®.”

Anne (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“I am extremely grateful for your research! The pain in my liver is completely gone (I also have PLD). Combination of Jynarque, water, KetoCitra®, and intermittent fasting (thanks to your research).

Glenn, KetoCitra® user, August 2022

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Traber (KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“One of the only companies in the world taking the research from the lab quickly to the patients who need it most. Great customer service and they are dedicated to their mission to help people with kidney disease live long and healthy lives. Great customer service too, and responsive! I cannot recommend them enough!”

Christine, KetoCitra® user, August, 2022

“I am suffering from chronic kidney stones and my husband suggested I try keto citra and see if it helps with my stones

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste – it taste just like lemonade just a little tart very easy to drink and to use. I loved it! For once something that’s good for you it doesn’t taste awful!! Excellent product!!!”

Jenny (KetoCitra® user), August 2022

“I am doing well on KetoCitra® and feel great! To have a team dedicated to PKD research and products for people with PKD really hits close to home, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the abundance of information I have learned from Santa Barbara Nutrients.”

Kimberly, KetoCitra® user, August, 2022

“I’ve been taking it for a couple of months. I’ve also been careful about staying away from gluten and on a keto diet. I used to look down and not be able to see the stomach area below my belly button, only the upper area because my liver was so large, and now I can see the lower part of my stomach. I know that doesn’t sound scientific but it’s a huge deal for me”

Carmen, KetoCitra® user, August 2022

Auf Deutsch – in German (Blog Post):
KetoCitra® – Ernährungstherapie für Zystennieren (PKD) Betroffene
KetoCitra® untersützt mich in meinem Lifestyle und ist für mich das ultimative Tool, meinen Weg als Zystennieren Betroffene mit dieser Ernährungsintervention oder besser ausgedrückt, “Ernährungstherapie” zu gehen.

Link to full post

Casey (KetoCitra® user), June 2022

“My family member has been taking KetoCitra for several months now and she has been feeling much better. She decided to take it because she wanted to focus on overall dietary approaches for her PKD. It’s super easy to remember to take and I’ve appreciated the effort that SBN has put towards helping those with PKD.”

Vinith (KetoCitra® user), May 2022

“Santa Barbara Nutrients is doing wonderful things for the PKD community. I’ve enjoyed taking KetoCitra and have been feeling much better as well. I’ve already seen short term positive effects, and I’m looking forward to the long term effects of this product!”

Ezekiel (KetoCitra® user), June 2022

“Had an opportunity to try KetoCitra and it tastes great! Love the appeal as well, the merchandise looks so good. The water bottle from SB Nutrients is my daily driver now.”

Dave (KetoCitra® user), March 2022

“I love everything about Ketocitra® so far. I’ve followed the research since the discoveries were made regarding ketones and PKD. I’m anticipating good results from this even though I’m only 2 months into this new product. Previously I was using something off the shelf that had a significant amount of sodium. My GFR went from 62 to 68 using the sodium-based product. I’m confident this extremely low sodium product with the addition of citrate will produce even better GFR numbers and slow the expansion and volume of the cystic load I currently have.”

Pavan (KetoCitra® user), April 2022

“I’ve always wanted to take steps towards dietary management of my PKD instead of medication. I was happy to discover KetoCitra® after a friend told me about it. I’ve been using it for several months now and have enjoyed everything about it. I appreciate everything SBN has been doing for individuals with PKD.”

Joe, KetoCitra® user, December 2021

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