Oxalates DKD.

Spinach - Oxalates in Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness

Oxalates and Chronic Kidney Disease

If you have chronic kidney disease (CKD), you may be curious about whether or not you should avoid foods with oxalates.

In this article, we review the relationship between kidney disease and oxalates including what oxalates are, how oxalates impact the kidneys and tips for managing oxalates with CKD.

Oxalates List:

Use this section to welcome customers to your store, say a bit aboWhat foods to avoid with kidney cysts and CKD?We have put together a curated list of the oxalate content of different food items based on published sources. Check the foods you eat to know how much oxalate they contain. Try swapping high-oxalate foods for low-oxalate alternatives!ut your brand, or share news and seasonal promotions.

What are Oxalates Anyway?

Oxalate is a “tiny little compound. It has two carbons, four oxygens, a couple of double bonds, and it has the ability to drop its protons which makes it an acid”, but how do oxalates impact you?

In this video interview with SBN, oxalate expert Sally Norton, MPH, discusses the structure and function of oxalates, how they are absorbed in the body, and how they can cause damage in the body including the kidneys.

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